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11 Jul


Engaging Stakeholders

July 11, 2014 | By |

An elite membership forum offering timely seminars on public policy wanted to know how to improve their member’s experience. Reputation Leaders engaged current and former members to reveal opportunities to improve membership value and event experiences. Stakeholders were identified, categorized and engaged for their responses based on their relationship with the client. The analysis of their feedback led to immediately actionable recommendations that enhance the membership experience, and set the client apart from the crowd.

 Why do our member’s join?


Reputation Leader’s worked with the client to turn their list of things that they wanted to know into an interview that would not only ask these questions, but also draw out the underlying reasons, motivations and concerns that drive the answers. This meant that not only the initial questions could be answered, but also the follow up questions that arose could also be answered authoritatively, with relevant and insightful evidence provided by the stakeholders. 


In this way we were able to share with the client the answers to their original questions, offer the reasons that those answers arose, and reveal insights into the clients relationship with their members, that led directly to actionable recommendations.

By creating an interview that included areas of freedom to investigate, we were able to dig deeper into the heart of the matter, rather than stay at the surface level answers. This is important when offering recommendations to clients as pure quantitative data can often be misleading.


 Providing Actionable Insights

With a turnaround time of under 3 weeks, Reputation Leaders delivered the final presentation and analysis with full details including 3 distinct member profile types and 6 separate, documented and supported recommendations for immediate action to improve the experience of their members.

Reputation Leaders continued to support the client as they released the findings to their board members, and was on hand at all stages to offer additional insight, evidence and support as the client went through their internal decision making process, based on the original research and analysis.