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10 Jul


The UK Speaks: Goodbye Greece

July 10, 2015 | By |

  • Four in ten (38%) Brits think Greece should leave the Euro, compared to only a quarter (26%) who think they should stay
  • This is more pronounced among older Brits – nearly half (46%) of those over 55 think Greece should leave the European currency
  • Ironically, the northern regions are most likely to want Greece to leave the Euro – some empathy perhaps from Scottish nationalism.
  • Complacency abounds – over a third (36%) don’t care or don’t know if Greece should stay or go 

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04 May


The Times Newspaper, Voice of Business

May 4, 2015 | By |

In April 2015 Reputation Leaders conducted “The voice of business survey” on the UK General Election among FTSE 350 Directors for The Times and Odgers Berndtson, the recruitment firm in April 2015.  The preference of business leaders was clear, see the results… Milliband is bad for business, warn FTSE bosses (

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20 Mar


PR in the dock

March 20, 2015 | By |

Nearly 70 per cent of the general public does not trust the industry

Reputation Leaders, in an exclusive study for PRWeek, clearly showed the lack of trust that the general public has for PR and PR professionals. The results sparked a number of comments from PR practitioners; some defending their industry, others admitting that there is a problem. 

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13 Mar


Holiday Shopper Typology

March 13, 2015 | By |

In 2014 Reputation Leaders helped PayPal prepare for Christmas in 5 different countries. Interviewing more than 6000 people across Europe we created profiles of holiday shoppers, identifying their stress points and joyful moments we identified the most prevalent shopper types in each market.

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11 Mar


Competency Management Study

March 11, 2015 | By |

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24 Nov


Identifying the bitcoin potential

November 24, 2014 | By |

A study undertaken by Reputation Leaders and published by the Digital Currency Council has kickstarted the bitcoin barometer (#BitcoinBarameter). The study highlighted the impressive awareness that bitcoin had built for itself, but underlined the need for better communication as the digital currency seeks to build a better reputation.

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19 Aug


Stakeholder insights foundational to building reputation

August 19, 2014 | By |

“I worked with Laurence on corporate reputation research and measurement at PepsiCo and at Toyota North America.  In both companies, research based insights were foundational to building reputation by understanding how to engage the stakeholder audiences on the important issues that mattered most to them, and not just on our company’s own agenda.”

Julie Hamp,
Chief Communications Officer,
Toyota Motor North America

15 Jul


Helping PayPal Fuel The People Powered Economy

July 15, 2014 | By |

Research conducted for PayPal highlighted the desires of everyday people in 15 countries to find easier and simpler ways to pay, sell and send their money around the world. Key differences in online shopping security, time wasting aggravations and mobile payment acceptance were notable across different nations Read More

11 Jul


Engaging Stakeholders

July 11, 2014 | By |

An elite membership forum offering timely seminars on public policy wanted to know how to improve their member’s experience. Reputation Leaders engaged current and former members to reveal opportunities to improve membership value and event experiences.  Read More

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