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Inform thought leadership

Compelling research that causes people to think about your brand differently


“Only 2% of women would describe themselves as beautiful”

Dove, ‘The Real Truth About Beauty’

Dirt is Good

“Only 3% of children globally never watch television, while nearly four in ten never explore nature”

Dirt is Good: ‘Giving Our Children the Right To Be Children’

Credible results come from a rigorous process

  Explore Ownable Ideas 

  • Robust review of existing academic articles, media publications and other public information
  • Validate ownable white space

  Identify Expert Partners

  • Leading commentator/ academic
  • Voice of study/program
  • Expertise and authority
  • Interpretation through grounded experience
  • Spokesperson  

  Research & White Paper 

  • Quantitative research (globally)
  • Not the standard “PR Survey”
  • Academic white paper developed in conjunction with collaborator


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