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Measure results

Is your reputation working for you? Reputation Leaders can tell you that.

Reputation can be measured

Corporate reputation depends on 4 main factors:

  • Brand strength
  • Financial performance
  • People leadership
  • Social responsibility

But this is not one size fits all

Each organization lives and works in a particular sector, in specific locations, and deals with individual challenges. Our measurement system takes this into account and so with filters tailored to your organization, and bespoke research we can measure your current corporate reputation and the direction that it is moving. Based on our holistic research and analysis we can also advise you on how to boost a low reputation, or use the reputation that you have achieved.

reputation index


Why is corporate reputation important?

Reputation is an asset like any other. If you use it wisely, it can reap huge rewards. What do you want your reputation to do for you?

Reputation is a magnet, attracting the best people to work for you and with you.

Reputation is a business card, giving your customers the confidence to recommend you to others.

Reputation is a microphone, giving you the right to lead, and be heard in your industry.

Reputation is a key, opening doors and opportunities to develop into new markets.

Reputation is a “do over” card, giving you a second chance when things go wrong.

Quarterly reputation dashboard for an international food and beverage company

 dashboard example


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