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13 Mar


Holiday Shopper Typology

March 13, 2015 | By |

In 2014 Reputation Leaders helped PayPal prepare for Christmas in 5 different countries. Interviewing more than 6000 people across Europe we created profiles of holiday shoppers, identifying their stress points and joyful moments we identified the most prevalent shopper types in each market.

Using this research PayPal was able to produce the following typologies, and reach their audience in the right place in the way at the right time.

Which country are you in, and what type of holiday shopper are you?

Click to see France's holiday shopper typologies

France - Dad France - Excited France - Grandparents France - Modern France - Stress France - Student France - Supermum

Click to see Germany's holiday shopper typologies

Germany - Dad Germany - Excited Germany - Grandparents Germany - Modern Germany - Stress Germany - Student Germany - Student Germany - Supermum

Click to see Sweden's holiday shopper typologies

Sweden - Modern Sweden - Excited Sweden - Dad Sweden - Stress

Click to see Italy's holiday shopper typologies

Italy - Dad Italy - Excited Italy - Grandparents Italy - Modern Italy - Stress Italy - Student Italy - Supermum

Click to see Spain's holiday shopper typologies

Spain - Supermum Spain - Stress Spain - Modern Spain - Student Spain - Grandparents Spain - Excited Spain - Dad