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20 Mar


PR in the dock

March 20, 2015 | By |

Nearly 70 per cent of the general public does not trust the industry

Reputation Leaders, in an exclusive study for PRWeek, clearly showed the lack of trust that the general public has for PR and PR professionals. The results sparked a number of comments from PR practitioners; some defending their industry, others admitting that there is a problem. 

You can find the full article on the PRWeek website at

Distrust is bad for business

We here at Reputation Leaders believe that credibility and trust are essential components of PR. 

“The days when PR could just fake it and make it are over.  Restoring public trust in PR requires balanced and transparent opinion, supported by facts, research and credible actions”


Laurence Evans

Reputation Leaders Ltd, CEO

“Changing the image of PR”

Can PR change its image? Does it have a choice? We blogged about this, and a few other points based on the results of this survey.

We also sparked some international interest. Here’s an article in Dutch for Communicatie magasine with some of the graphics that we produced.

 Feel free to join the conversation by tweeting us with your views. Is there a real problem? Can PR spin it’s way out, or is transparency and substance the key? What do you think?