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Our approach

Four key factors drive reputation


At Reputation Leaders we know that corporate reputations are built on more than just a good brand, or just excellent financial performance.

We have identified the four key factors that drive an organization’s reputation. These can be summarized as:


Relating those factors to your organization’s reputation


reputation index

Measuring the net effects of the positive and negative areas of these factors is the first step to defining a corporate reputation. In many cases organizations are already collecting this data, but your organization works in particular sectors, in particular locations. These additional considerations set Reputation Leaders’ Methodology apart. Our bespoke research informs the filters that allow us to measure your reputation relative to your organizations expectations.



We measure your brand based on the brand strength versus brand risk that has been shown.

People leadership

Measuring people leadership starts at the top with measuring CEO recognition, and continues all the way down through an organization to calculating retention rates and employee satisfaction. In our post-information, social age every one of your employees is a company

Financial performance

Few indicators of financial performance are as powerful as the Stock Exchange. Using share price as a starting point, and adding other key metrics we measure your company’s net worth.

Social responsibility

Ways to measure social responsibility have made huge leaps in the last ten years. Taking advantage of these latest techniques we calculate the measure of your company’s social responsibility in the eyes of your stakeholders, relative to the reasonable expectations of your industry.

Beyond measurement


Using these key factors we can measure your corporate reputation, but this process goes beyond providing a score. Our system measures your reputation’s rise and fall both absolutely and relative to the expectations of your industry, in the locations that you are working.

These same systems have also been tailored to provide key insights in how to boost your reputation. Add to those insights the thought leadership, message testing and other expertise that Reputation Leaders offers, you can also be a Reputation Leader.


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